Voice of Youth

Today's youth voice is the future of india so lets hear it...

Ram Chandra Das

I am Ram Chandra Das. I am from Agra, UP I never thought that subjects like cooking and house keeping can be so interesting & innovative.

Satendra Pal

I am Satendra Pal, from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand I am thankful to HIHT for providing addtional classes of personality development and communication.

Rajesh Kumar

I am Rajesh Kumar, from Panipat, Haryana Here at HIHT we have not only course material to study but also the books of high standard to the related subjects in our library.

I am Sujeet Kumar, I am from Bhagalpur, Bihar My life is now no more self-centered, it is dedicated for the guests of my country. This is all because of HIHT.

Nitesh Saran

I am Nitesh Saran, I am from Betiya, Bihar Stars are far away, sun is too hot to touch and moon is unapproachable so I joined HIHT because I always wanted to have my own little universe.

Vijay Singh Meena

I am Vijay Singh Meena, I am from Guna, MP I am happy to be the student of such a profound Institute. I hope to build my career in Hotel sector wonderfully.

Karuna Annie Massey

Myself Karuna Annie Massey from Agra, UP I am lucky enough to join HIHT with a state of art infrastructure and all modern facilities available here.

Rashmi Rathore

I am Rashmi Rathore, I am from Agra, UP I was looking forward to join a professional course, which could guide me in accomplishing my ambition. And finally I got success by getting admission in HIHT.

Ratnesh Tiwari

I am Ratnesh Tiwari If we put in the efforts and one directed correctly, success will be within reach.

Rajiv Nandan

I am Rajiv Nandan, from Mathura, UP Before joining HIHT, I had a fear for cooking but now it has vanished.

Sarfaraz Ahmed

I am Sarfaraz Ahmed I am very thankful to God and my parents, because they sent me to HIHT to build my career. I am full of confidence, HIHT creates an environment of professionalism while teaching.

Harshit Kumar Pathak

I am Harshit Kumar Pathak. I am from Agra I am sure that by the help of HIHT, I will get the job in a reputed Hotel and now I am foreseeing a great future in the Industry.

Krishna Kumari

I am Krishna Kumari. I am from Agra I am proud to be a part of HIHT, which gives lots of way to success in our life.

Praveen Kumar

I am Praveen Kumar Jakhar, from Haryana. I am proud to be a part of HIHT which gives us lots of way to success in our life.

Vikash Kumar

I am Vikash Kumar, from Koderma, Jharkhand From all that I have seen at HIHT, I am more than ever convinced that my Institute communicates, represents, describes and expresses people, their lives and times.

Syed Tajamul Hussain

I am Syed Tajamul Hussain, from Jaipur, Rajasthan HIHT has taught me that with ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.

Soni Shivhare

I am Soni Shivhare, from Jalaun, UP Knowledge in the stuff from which new ideas are made. The real key to bring creative lies in what you do with your knowledge - The essence of Personality Development Classes.

Satyajeet Yadav

I am Satyajeet Yadav, from Bhiwani, Haryana If you want to know how to win, then be ready to join HIHT.

Shashideep Kumar

I am Shashideep Kumar, from Bhagalpur, Bihar HIHT has given me a great opportunity to prove myself as a hard-worker.

Vineet Shepherd

I am Vineet Shepherd, from Allahabad UP Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out this I learnt at HIHT.

Seema Adhikari

I am Seema Adhikari. I am from Ranikhet, UA If your mind can perceive, and your heart can believe, you will achieve - This I learnt from HIHT.

Manish Razak

I am Manish Razak, I am from Faridabad, Haryana. The interactive method of teaching here is fabulous.

Poonam Kumari

I am Poonam Kumari, I am from Bhiwani, Haryana. We study here in a very warm and healthy environment with a mixed feeling of cooperation and competition.

Niharika Massey

I am Niharika Massey, I am from Agra, UP My Institute is my true well-wisher. It sees me through; believe in things I want to do, feel glad when my dreams come true. I am proud to be the student of HIHT.

Benkatesh Kumar

I am Benkatesh Kumar, I am from Aurangabad, Bihar. Someone asked me to describe HIHT in two words, the person expected me to answer the word the best, but I simply smiled and replied --- 'NO COMPARISON.'

Ambia Karim

I am Ambia Karim, I am from Aurangabad, Bihar. Here in HIHT, I learnt--- Life has its ups and downs. Sometimes sunshines sometimes rain pour. But to never forget, it takes both sun and rain to make a RAINBOW. So always be a cheered and hardworking person.

Atta Karim

I am Atta Karim, I am from Aurangabad, Bihar. It's a place, which teaches me self discipline, self-driven person who can take responsibilities. For most it will make me a professional out of a schoolboy.


I am Deepak, I am from Rohtak, Haryana. Today is the era of formal education but here, in my Institute, HIHT, we always learn in the form of informal education.

Alka Negi

Myself Alka Negi from Agra, UP Though my teachers are sculptors to me, but they always teach me that “you are the stone, you yourself have the hammer and chistle and you are the one to carve yourself.

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