Various Labs

Our all the labs are fully modernized and equipped with the latest systems.


In the Food and Beverage Service Lab, Students are taught the art of mastering International Cuisines.

Training with creative methods of cooking and presentation with emphasis on hygiene is taken care of.

Students practice on the workstations provided with adequate space for preparation and storage. They get to learn the art of famous cuisines like Continental, European, French, Indian, Italian, Thai and many more.

International Laboratories


International Cuisines are mastered here

Training with creative methods of cooking, presentation with emphasis on hygiene, nutrition and cost control are taught here.

On several work stations students venture into the world of cookery and food productions.

Modern machines and equipments help in preparations and students learn about many cusines like Thai cuisine, Heritage cuisine, European cuisine, Continental cuisine etc.

Front Office Lab


The Front Office Lab is equipped with modern facilities which 5 Star or 7 Star Hotels provide. Students also practice Front Offce Management procedures.

They practice to deal with foreign currency, traveler's cheques, vouchers, flight confirmation, ticketing, pick-up and drop of guests. They learn to make the revenue making process.


The training in Restaurant enables the students to learn various aspects of Food & Beverage Service.

The Restaurant is a part of Food & Beverage Service where students are trained in method of service and presentation.

They are introduced to the world of Cocktails, Mocktails, Wine & different service methods.

Food and Beverage Service Lab


The House Keeping Lab is set as per the modern norms of the Industry with world-class furniture and draperies.

Students learn the importance of the hygiene and aesthetic sense to keep make the hotel neat and clean which are the imperative aspects of this Industry.

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