Hotel Technology Trends: Mobile Check & Benefit

Today’s travelers prefer to use self-service technology to streamline their travels. According to a recent study, 90 percent of hotel executives believe that the guest experience could be improved by giving guests the ability to use mobile devices to manage the check-in and check-out processes. Travelers are now reliant upon their mobile devices to check in for a flight, catch a ride, and order from their favorite restaurants. They want to have this same convenience when checking into their hotel. Rather than waiting in line at the front desk, today’s travelers want a simple process that allows them to go directly to their room.

Providing mobile check-in services not only benefits your guests but is also good for your daily operations. It streamlines your check-in process, reduces front desk friction, and allows front desk employees to spend more time assisting guests, which leads to more personalized guest service. Providing a streamlined, easy check-in process not only enhances the guest experience but also frees up staff time to focus on delivering the next level of service.

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Below there is some benefit why online check-in for hotels is a must:

  • It reduces check-in queues: When your guests arrive at your property, they might have spent many hours traveling to your location. Travelers loathe traditional check-in queues, and most of them would just want to bypass reception. By offering an online check-in, you give a quicker way for your guests to start their experience at your hotel. It is also an alternative to save time and avoid queues, reducing the number of people in the hotel lobby. Now your guests can go straight to their room and relax after their busy journey.
  • It improves customer relationship: Think about the moment your guest approaches your hotel’s front desk. How much information does the receptionist need to gather from the guest at the check-in desk? How long does it take to gather all those details, perform the check-in steps in the PMS, cut the room key, sign the paperwork and authorize their credit card? Was there enough time to really connect with the guest? Now, if they arrive with the completed check-in on their phones, the front desk agent can have a meaningful conversation with the new guest. There’s more time to understand their expectations and personal needs. Your hotel will be successful in delivering relevant and customized information, explaining in detail what sets your brand apart from its competitors, and providing a higher level of service.
  • It balances your staff workload: Every hotel has the traditional check-in and check-out busy hours which lead to large queues at the reception desk. What about smoothing out the workload for your reception staff and making your processes more efficient? An online check-in integrated into your Property Management System, such as Opera, gives you a way to gain time at the front desk and improve efficiency for your staff.
  • Mobile Check-In is safe and secure: As well as adhering to new health and safety guidelines, hotels also have to contend with the fact that consumers today are wildly protective of their data. Numerous company hacks over the past few years have made guests wary of digitally handing over their details. However, mobile check-ins are safe and secure. They use advanced technology to check guest’s ID photos and match them up to their names to provide quick and safe verification. It also reduces the chance of human error. Let guests know what information you need and what you need it for, and only ask them for what’s necessary. This will not only give them peace of mind, but it will make the check-in process easier at the same time.

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