Living away from home in new surroundings, and adapting to those new surroundings is not easy task.

HIHT Agra hostel

The institute has an aesthetically built and fully furnished modern hostel for women students within the campus. The residence facility for men students is available in an institute leased hostel located in close proximity to the Institute. These Hostels are well furnished, have 24x7 security arrangements and a well-equipped gym.

Hostel rooms are allotted on a double occupancy basis. Given the premium on hostel seats, these are allotted on first-come first-serve basis. Students desirous of staying in the hostel are required to reserve the seat at the time of application for admission. Preference is given to outstation students. Details regarding charges for boarding and lodging and hostel rules are available with the institute.

Living away from home in new surroundings, and adapting is not an easy task. However, we ensure this transition from home to hostel life is a smooth one. Hostel staff as well as the teaching staff on campus are there for students in with case of an unforeseen exigency or simply a query.

The Hostel rooms at HIHT are spacious and clean with excellent hygiene ensured through regular maintenance. The dedicated staff for hostel services is quite efficient, helpful and cooperative.

A feedback mechanism is also in place for students to report any untoward incident to the management, and prompt action is taken to address any crisis. While student are allowed the freedom to live independently, the manner in which they exercise the independence given to them is monitored so that no student misuses his or her independence and disturb the others.

One of the Key aspects of life on campus is 24-hour power back up. This ensures that students never face the power crisis at any time.

It also enables students to develop into a independent and responsible human being.

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