career in hotel management


Career in Hotel Management

In this article explore Hotel Management as a Career Option in India and find about the Eligibility, Jobs, Salaries and Courses required in order to pursue Hotel Management as a career opportunity for any individual.

Every year there comes a time when students, freshly graduated out of schools; or yet awaiting their results; often get worked up and worried about their future. This is that time when you have to make your career choices, and show determination so as to carry on with the choices that you make, for the rest of your life.

You must have, by now, explored different career choices; read different articles; spoken to your trusted seniors and realized, to the very minimum, what your knacks are. Each candidate has some unique and potential skill-sets, which is best suited to one or a few particular kinds of work profile.


Students who are reasonably good at communication, have good people skills, can work for long hours, can handle day-to-day small-level difficulties, have basic proficiency in computers, want to take up an industry-ready, employable job; but are not willing to take up regular engineering courses or general degree courses; what should their options be. In my opinion, their skills match perfectly with a career in the Hospitality Industry; specifically in Hotel and Tourism Management.

Major Departments Operative in a Hotel Management Institute

Front Office: This department consists of core activities like providing information, making room reservations, receiving a guest, taking care of check-ins and check-outs, billing & payment, etc.

Food & Beverage Dept (Food Production & Service): This department is responsible for all the services of food and beverages that are prepared and the overall servicing of the kitchen.

 Accommodation Operation: This department includes work such as the supervision of the domestic staff, room service, making sure the rooms and other areas of a hotel are kept in order, etc.

Sales & Marketing Dept: This department sells the hotel facilities to potential clients and handles advertising/Public Relations.

General Operations: The main responsibilities of this department include supervision, coordination, and administration of all other departments as well as overall financial control.

Working in a fancy hotel is an aspiration amongst many; particularly young people. Not only does it hold the promise of a bright career, but it also opens up one's horizons to a wide range of other exciting opportunities such as travel, international exposure and of course, getting high market value salaries. Thus, getting the right education and training is vital to heighten one's chances to land a job in the hotel industry.

Other Job Opportunities

Hotel Management isn't just about changing sheets or serving up nuts in cut glass bowls. In fact, by now you must have started guessing that there is much more to it than meets the naked eye. Hotel Management course encompasses a whole gamut of opportunities including cruise ship hotel management, airline catering, industrial catering, restaurants, and bars and lots more.

Apart from jobs in Hotels and restaurants, hotel management diploma holders/graduates can find good jobs in:

  • Airline Catering & Cabin Services
  • Forest Lodges
  • Cruise Ship Hotel Management
  • Guest Houses, resorts
  • Hotel and Tourism Associations (for eg: state tourism development corporations)
  • Hospitality services in the Indian Navy
  • Hospitality services in various MNCs
  • Club management
  • Hospital administration and catering
  • Kitchen Management (in hotels or canteens in college, schools, factories, guest houses, etc.)
  • Catering departments of railways, banks, armed forces, shipping companies, etc.
  • Hotel and catering institutes (as a management trainee/ marketing or sales executive)
  • Self-employment (as an entrepreneur)

Salary after Hotel Management

Students, based on their merit, are selected at three levels after they complete their degree in hotel management. For eg.: Entry Levels in different departments, supervisory levels, such as a trainee captain, or a trainee housekeeper and as a management trainee.

  • For the entry level, students can begin earning anything between INR 10k - 14k.
  • For supervisory levels, they can earn anything between INR 12k - 18k.
  • As a management trainee, they often earn between INR 18k -25K; depending on the size of the hotel/chain.

Once they rise up the career ladder, there is no limit to the size of the pay packet. A general manager or an executive chef in a chain of hotels can very well earn between 2 and 5 lakhs per month.

Best College For Hotel Management

Many of you, by now, have been wondering about best places to pursue your hotel management degree from. Rest assured, your worries are not misplaced; particularly keeping in mind this particular junction of life in which you are standing right now.

Let me take you through one of the best hotel management institutes of the country – Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism, Agra. This college has been established way back in 2006 when hotel management was beginning to become a booming industry for the near future. From the date of its establishment, it immediately hit the right chord; so much so; that in the very next year, in 2007, the college had opened its second campus at Shimla.

The choice of locations for both the campuses, speak volumes about the focus of hospitality and tourism at the heart of the ideology of the college. From day one, this college worked impressively to become one of the best institutes imparting courses in Hotel Management in popular tourist destinations of the country.

Hotel Management Courses Offered by Heritage Institute

This college has earlier been affiliated to various universities offering full-time Bachelor’s degrees in hotel management. However, now it has duly established itself as the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Agra, under the affiliations provided by the National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NCHMCT), Noida, under the aegis of Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. Currently, as an Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) Agra, this college is running 2 full-time courses in:

  • A 3-year B.Sc degree in Hospitality & Hotel Administration, offered by the National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (Noida), under the Department of Tourism, Govt. of India.

From its very inception, Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism (HIHT), has kept its focus in place, for training students to the best of Hotel Management standards, enabling them to be both theoretically sound and practically skilled to be readily employed by the best hotels in the industry. For this, HIHT has established updated, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, with advanced layout, where students learn the newest global trends even before beginning to work in the industry.

Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism (HIHT), also has some of the best faculty members involved in teaching core and parallel subjects to make students become ready for the big industry.

Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism (HIHT), takes care of the overall grooming standards of its students. Besides getting skilled and trained in global standards of hospitality, students are extensively encouraged to look professional and presentable in their

From providing high-speed internet access to fully equipped digital and analog libraries to extensive sports facilities, doubled by a fully functional Training & Placement Cell, Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism (HIHT), provides students who graduate from this college, reminisce about their years of study, with much pride and satisfaction.

Students who feel determined to pursue a degree in Hotel Management from Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism, Agra, often do so because they feel determined to enroll themselves into and entrust Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism with their future, primarily for the following important factors:

  • Program Curriculum. Different colleges and universities outdo each other in trying to lure people to enroll into their educational programs. It is very important that you carefully study the subjects included in the program to see if it would interest you. Learning isn't viable if you dislike what you're dealing with. Try to come up with a compare-contrast analysis with the different schools offering the same degree, as this would help you identify which one suited you best. At Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism, we provide complete clarity with our curriculum, which is prescribed, affiliated and time-and-again inspected by different academic councils and affiliating boards/universities.

  • Class Schedule. Whether you are a working student or someone who just wants to go back to mainstream education, choosing the program that you can easily adjust your body clock to, or a program where you could still attend to life's important matters, is another critical factor to take note of. Some colleges give their students a free hand to choose their schedules, while some others provide night classes or weekend sessions. At Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism, we often give free-hand to the students; to go and work in the industry beyond class schedules and other prescribed pieces of training, so that they gain experience in their work; even while pursuing the degree from the college. In such cases, such training is often considered and included as part of their mainstream curricula.

  • Reputation. This is, of course, a must-consider. Who wouldn't want to be part of a highly regarded school? Most colleges and institutes with a good reputation generally add way more to the total knowledge and skills quotient that other institutes. At Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism, it becomes evident with the kind of quality placements that we provide to our graduating students. After all, it's your education and future you're investing in.

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