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What is hotel management course all about?

Hotel Management is an area of study that covers a wide range of topics concerned with the operational aspects of hoteliery. Educational courses in hotel management are varied and cover topics as wide ranging as marketing, eco-tourism, leisure, business administration and management.In order to manage a hotel successfully, you will need a certain set of skills as well as managerial knowledge.

If you want a career that’s full of challenges, interesting people and exciting developments, hotel management could be just what you’re looking for. Heritage Institute Of Hotel & Tourism Agra/Shimla  will give you a detailed information about hotel management.

What is hotel management?

The hotel industry deals with all types of guest accommodation. In fact, the hotel industry not only relates to luxury hotels and resorts, but it also includes overnight accommodation in guesthouses, motels, inns, and hostels as short-term types of accommodation. The main purpose of hotels is to provide guest travelers with food, drinks, services, and shelter whilst they are away from home.

Hotel Management as the word defines – Managing a hotel:

Managing a hotel comes with a range of responsibilities.As a hotel manager, you will be responsible for overseeing and having a strong knowledge of finance, planning, service and organization. While you have a team of managers working alongside you, as hotel manager you have to lead rather than follow. You must also make sure your staff are managing their time and departments efficiently, whether that be through improving their monthly profits or simply ensuring a guest’s expectations are exceeded.

You must have strong attention to detail, leadership and teamwork skills. At some hotels, depending on the size and type, you may find yourself dealing with a lot more day-to-day tasks than you would at a more prestigious place. You may also have less contact with guests, but you’ll spend time monitoring the business through regular meetings. More information about Hotel Management you can find Online Admission Form Agra & Shimla.

A Progressive Industry

The Tourism and Hospitality industry is thriving globally, Plus, the rise of e-commerce has made apps like extremely popular, making travel more accessible and affordable to the masses.That’s why a degree in Hospitality Management Studies positions you to enjoy a successful career in the field with plenty of opportunities in different sectors, provided you are armed with the tools for success.

Several hospitality departments and schools today are equipping students with the skills needed to thrive, such as communication, cultural competence, adaptability and teamwork.They are also working with industry to provide students with hands-on experience and experiential learning so they can be prepared for the challenges that come with the dynamic nature of the business.

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What is needed to be a hospitality professional?

hospitality professional

The hospitality industry covers a range of business niches, such as hotels and restaurants, as well as travel and tourism. What all of these niches have in common is that they center on the customer, and as such require workers to have a specific set of skills

  • A blend of soft and hard skills.
  • For the smooth running of any hospitality business, teamwork is key.
  • Having an open mind can help you to embrace the people around you and help your customers feel more comfortable and at ease.
  • High Levels of Cultural Awareness. If you plan on progressing in hospitality, you are going to encounter a lot of different people from a lot of different places. In order to succeed, you must be sensitive and understanding to different cultures, religions, races, nationalities – and everything in between.

All the skills required to be a successful hospitality professional are inculcated at Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism.

Crossing the threshold

At Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism, you get the best of both worlds in quality education and paid industry employment. The dedicated industry liaison team priorities each individual student, helping them find paid industry employment at the completion of their course. HIHT tailors the curriculum and teaching methods to meet the needs of the hospitality and tourism industry, shaping future hospitality leaders. Industry connections have been developed and nurtured through years, spanning a wide range of hospitality brand names such as Taj, Oberoi, Hyatt, Marriott, Radisson Blu etc.

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The combination of industry-led knowledge, hands-on experience, and focus on humanity and service ensures students begin their career from the moment they start at HIHT.

Just cross the threshold to be a successful Hospitality Professional by opting the courses offered by Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism

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