Virtual Classes During Lockdown

Virtual Classes During Lockdown, A well initiative by HIHT-Agra & Shimla

The Lockdown might have affected routine lectures, but Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism-Agra & Shimla are not letting this free time go unfruitful.

We, HIHT-Agra & Shimla, have now started online classes/training programmers for their students with the aim to upgrade skills and subject knowledge in preparation for the current session so students will be able to promote easily for next academic session. Visit Now: Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism Agra and Shimla.

The COVID-19 has resulted in schools shut all across the world. Globally, over 1.2 billion students are out of the classroom. As a result, education has changed dramatically; there is distinct rise in e-learning, whereby teaching was vaguely digital. But times have changed, we need to cope up with the situation. This sudden change in the scenario from the classroom to home is to be welcomed as most of the people across the globe believe that COVID-19 is going to persist long. In an effort to reduce social contact and the spread of virus, education facilities around the world are moving their teaching methodology online.

HIHT-Agra & Shimla are conducting online classes, a user-friendly online system that provides teaches and students exclusive access to all information concerning: –

  1. Class Time Table
  2. Students attendance
  3. Lesson plan
  4. Schedule of assignments
  5. Worksheets
  6. Unit Test
  7. Q&A session
  8. Audio & Video etc.

Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism Located Campus Area are: Agra Campus and Shimla Campus

HIHT-Agra & Shimla, are planning to organized webinars on further trend on hospitality industry

The topic will be:

  1. Industry engagements
  2. How students should be mentally prepared post corona.
  3. What opportunities will rise rise after pandemic etc.

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In view of this, industry experts, human resource managers, educationist and other eminent people will be call up for these sessions.

Online study material is being made available to students for their ready reference.  The faculty also ensures that assessment is taking place side by side by providing assignments to clear the concepts.  The students will gradually adapt themselves with this transitioning way of teaching.

HIHT-Agar & Shimla are determined to give fruitful results to their future hotelier. The students are taking part in it in an outstanding way; As a result, students are not missing their golden time without any delay. Please fill the Online Registration Form.

“Since the lockdown is uncertain, we have been encouraging students to keep opting for all the online classes available by institute. Our teachers are being given extra effort on this new concept to make student comfortable and to help them in their knowledge enhancement.

“HIHT is always work on born to lead in the world”

About the Author:

D K Singh

Heritage Institute of hotel & Tourism
Agra & Shimla

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