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Top Trends in Green Hospitality and Sustainability

Hotels always seek to please their guests, the idea is to make your stay a unique moment when they can enjoy the activities of the hotels, as well as the hospitality of the environment and those who work there. We definitely want our guests to feel at home! The hospitality industry wouldn’t thrive if it didn’t chase opportunities to make guests happier. It’s why hotels installed TVs in every room when they became standard in homes. It pushes management teams to rethink their interior design and keep up with what their competition does. Heritage Institute Of Hotel & Tourism makes your career in the hospitality industry inculcating the latest hospitality sustainability trends.

Over the last decade, guests have looked beyond amenities to decide where they want to stay. Now, they compare a property’s sustainable efforts to see if it matches their firmly held beliefs. The time and effort invested in tips like these will pay off once guests see how committed your team is to make the world a better place to live. More hospitality companies are adopting eco-friendly practices, as efforts to do so not only help the planet but create an eco-friendly image for themselves, in turn appealing to environmentally-minded job seekers and guests.

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Here’s a roundup of the ways today’s forward-thinking hotels are making environmental sustainability a priority:

  1. Reducing plastic products: Plastic may be one of the first topics people discuss when they want to go green. Its effects on the environment are well-known because people dump eight million plastic pieces into the oceans every day. Reducing the plastic on your property by not offering bottled water or straws will make the hotel a greener place to stay. Replacing plastics with reusable straws or glass bottles also gives hotels a classier feel.
  2. Minimize waste and water use: This is the first attempt at change when we want a greener mindset. The team can make an effort, for example, when using washing machines. But you can also encourage guests in this collaboration. In itself, part of the guests is concerned with reducing bathing water or when washing their teeth. If the hotel leaves signs in each specified room, the amount of water it can save in showers and list what a team does to save water will make people more enthusiastic about joining initiatives.
  3. Eliminating food waste: This is also a point to take into account. Food waste is horrendous. The amount of food that is thrown away is sometimes exaggerated, as there is no control over the matter. Do a waste audit to see where you can make a difference and involve employees in this survey. So together and more easily they will come up with a solution to reduce waste.
  4. Including allergen-free hotel features: Sustainability promotes a healthier environment, both inside and outside a hotel property. Approach this aspect of green hospitality by thinking about what triggers allergies in your hotel. It could be beneficial to consider allergy-friendly flooring since that would free guests to relax in any area and never worry about dealing with allergy symptoms. The staff could also change indoor plants from flowers that may have allergy-triggering scents to sustainable plants that require infrequent routine watering and also lack any features that irritate seasonal allergies
  5. Control of carbon emissions: Hotels also have carbon emissions, which represent 1% of all carbon waste. The investment in solar energy or the less frequent use of air conditioning, even turning it off when spaces are unoccupied are beneficial actions for the environment. It will take time and effort on everyone’s part to adopt new measures, but minimizing wear and tear on the planet will bring several benefits. The environment will thank you, guests and staff will be happier and your business will have a new color! 😉

The biggest trends coming for the Career in Hospitality Industry are sustainability, global perspective, finding balance with new lodging options, and growing demand.

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