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Reasons to Choose Top Hotel Management College

Are you looking for a new career direction? Do you enjoy working in a fast-paced industry with direct contact with guests and a new challenge every day? Then you might consider a Career in Hospitality Management. Hospitality managers play key roles in the organizations that employ them, with most of these organizations being in the tourism or food industry. Hospitality is a great starting point for every young person. It teaches them customer service which is the basis of nearly every role they are ever going to perform. Having great customer service skills will carry them throughout life; it can open up many more opportunities for them and will also make them better-rounded individuals. Here are 5 reasons you should opt to make a career in Hotel Management:

  • Engaging in creative hobbies:

The hospitality sector is known for its inventiveness while catering to its customers. The only thing that adds value to your offerings is a unique perspective, setting it apart from others. Did you know that by merely engaging yourself in arts you can hone your presentation skills, using vivid colors that add better contrast to your culinary masterpiece? Such possibilities in Hotel Management go beyond one’s imagination. All your career needs is a unique hobby that adds quality to what you do, just like a pinch of salt that gives food its flavor.

  • Availability of Career progression opportunities:

This industry provides a ready-made path where you can move into higher paying positions. In most of the roles job training is provided on the site which can help you work on your essential skills for development and progression with a more job responsibility. Consider this – a sales coordinator can manage up their way to event manager and a trainee chef with years can direct oneself to being the head chef.

  • Teamwork makes the dream work:

Hospitality teaches the importance of team work. Not many cafes and restaurants have single- person teams so you have to learn how to work with others and the importance of team work and conflict resolution. In hospitality, you interact with people from all walks of life. This opens your mind to other cultures and ideas and teaches the values of tolerance and respect.

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  • See the world:

Many young people take time off after high school to travel and see the world. Hospitality is the best way to fund such travels. You can pick up a job anywhere around the world. The more qualified you are, the more experienced you are, the easier it will be to find a great hospitality job that will take you to your next destination.
Trainees who have completed our hospitality course have told us about the amazing places their hospitality skills have taken them. When you start your first job at a coffee shop, cafe, takeaway shop or family restaurant you don’t realize the opportunities that lie ahead. You can’t imagine all the job opportunities that are available once you have a basis in hospitality.

  • Great atmosphere:

In any workplace, there are always colleagues you don’t get on with, and one or two who are a bit unfriendly, but the good news is that not many work in hospitality. We don’t hire people who are unfriendly to our customers, which is why the hospitality industry contains some of the most vibrant, lively and fun people you’ll ever meet.

  • Not 9-5:

If you’re the sort of person who likes getting up at the same time in the morning, having the same breakfast, putting on a suit and tie, and then catching the same train into the same office, day after day after day, then hospitality probably isn’t for you. It involves a great deal of variety, not only in terms of the hours you work, but also the work you do during those hours.

  • 5. Move up the ladder:

Change is good, but moving up within a single business is a realistic option too. Hospitality is an industry with frequent turnover, so stick at a job and the company could reward you with a swift climb up the ladder.Many areas of hospitality, such as larger hotels, offer in-house professional development programs to advance your career, and then present you with opportunities to apply for new positions.

There are a number of colleges and institutes that offer degree programmes in hotel management in India. We have listed the top 10 Hotel Management Colleges in India that are most preferred and sought after by recruiting companies. The below-given list is based on perceptual ranking only.

  • IHM, Delhi,Pusa
  • IHM, Mumbai
  • Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism ,IHM Agra
  • IHM Kolkata
  • IHM Bangalore
  • IHM,Lucknow
  • IHM, Gwalior
  • AIHM, Chandigarh
  • IHM, Goa
  • IHM, Chennai

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Heritage Institute of hotel & Tourism
Agra & Shimla

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