objectives of industrial training

Objectives of Industrial Training (Internship) / On Job Training

Objective of industrial training is to provide to students the feel of the actual working environment and to gain practical knowledge and skills, which in turn will motivate, develop and build their confidence. Industrial training is also expected to provide the students the basis to identify their key operational area of interest. Heritage Institute Of Hotel & Tourism- IHM Agra arrange Industrial training at reputed hotels , so the student learns about the standards of hospitality sector and use them accordingly in his future.

A trainee is required to understand the overall operations of the hotel while specializing in one or two areas. Hotel management trainees may have to work closely with front desk managers, culinary department, general managers, convention and event planner, housekeeping department, and learn from them.

How to apply for a hotel management internship

Through college: The easiest way to get an internship position at a hotel is through your college. Most colleges send their students’ resumes to the hotels. After this, the students appear for an interview before a panel. The placement cell of Heritage Institute Of Hotel & Tourism help each and every student for for the interview process and arrange the internship at well reputed organisations.

Contacting the hotel: The best way to apply for Hotel Management Internships is by contacting the training department or HR of the hotel directly and asking if they have a vacancy for the internship. If they have a vacancy, you’ll be asked to send your CV. If your CV is shortlisted, you’ll be called for an interview.


  1. Summer Batch: Mostly starts from June/July onwards.
  2. Winter Batch: Mostly starts from September/October onwards.

How to prepare

Both hands-on experience and classroom learning are important while considering a candidate for the internship. Maintaining good grades and attendance during college is one way to enhance your chances of securing an internship at a good hotel.

While preparing for the interview,  research well about the company’s senior staff and management. Learn about the company’s events, achievements, and awards. In addition to mentioning these things during the interview, you should also talk about why these things interest you and further motivate you to work for the company. When answering, talk about the things that the company does in terms of treating its guests and training its staff.

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  • Should be punctual.
  • Should maintain the training logbook up-to-date.
  • Should be attentive and careful while doing work.
  • Should be keen to learn and maintain high standards and quality of work.
  • Should interact positively with the hotel staff.
  • Should be honest and loyal to the hotel and towards their training.
  • Should get their appraisals signed regularly from the HOD’s or training manager.
  • Gain maximum from the exposure given, to get maximum practical knowledge and skills.
  • Should attend the training review sessions / classes regularly.
  • Should be prepared for the arduous working condition and should face them positively.
  • Should adhere to the prescribed training schedule.
  • Should take the initiative to do the work as training is the only time where you can get maximum exposure.
  • Should, on completion of Industrial Training, handover all the reports, appraisals, logbook and completion certificate to the institute.

Best hotel management internships in India:

  • Marriot Hotel – Marriot offers internships for six months. Generally, they consider candidates sent by the colleges. One can apply for internships for both batches.
  • Oberoi Hotel – Oberoi offers internships for both shorter duration (17 weeks) at a single department to longer duration (six months) internship.
  • Leela Hotel – Leela offers a 17-week internship to students pursuing hotel management from Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) and a 22-week internship to students from other colleges.
  • Taj Mahal Hotel – Taj offers four-and-a-half to six-month industrial training to students at all hotel management related departments.
  • Westin Hotel – Westin offers a six-month internship for the students and select applicants through college references only.

Seek admission in Heritage Institute Of Hotel & Tourism Agra / Shimla and the college will help you to do internship as well as placement in the best hotels so you can achieve the best future.

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