Myths about Hospitality Sector

Management is one of the significantly rising careers in today’s time; however, it is down the luck that a significant wing of the same industry, ‘hotel management’ goes still underrated by many due to certain false perceptions entailed with it. There are careers beyond MBA, Medicine and Engineering, Management, etc. that have equally great scope. There are more than 150 rewarding careers many of us are not even aware of, and those few, who are willing to take the chance, lack the right amount of knowledge and the remaining others are discouraged by their parents and become skeptical, and end up following the sheep heard. One such field is IHM in Agra Hotel Management.

There are many other options but students stay confused about what to choose. HERITAGE INSTITUTE OF HOTEL & TOURISM, IHM AGRA has a lot of information to share with those students who want to pursue hotel management but step back because of some common myths about it.

MYTH – It’s only cooking and serving:

Often, when people hear this word, they visualize a man wearing a white apron, serving food. At least, 70% of people still think hotel management is just about cooking or serving food.

There are more than two dozen main services offered in this industry, besides cooking and serving. Every hotel, however, does make a significant share of its revenues from serving cooked food to its visitors.

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Hotel Management is much more than just cooking. It is a serious business that involves food and beverage service going up to housekeeping department – who maintain clean and comfortable environment in the hotel, front-office operation – who ensure smooth operations between departments and looks after the needs of the guest on arrival and during the stay in the hotel, event planners – who are involved in conception and completion of the events such as conferences, festivals, etc, and sales and marketing people and accounting department to name a few. Hence, there are numerous specialized career paths to explore in a hospitality industry.

MYTH – You Will Take Time To Establish And Get Less Paying Job

Many people think that hotel industry is the least paid industry and you will take a lot of time to be successful.


Isn’t this true for any career? In the beginning of any career, you have to start with trivial duties, to get an understanding of the basics of business have a firm foundation. You don’t reach higher position until and unless you work hard for it. Once you graduate with a Hotel Management Degree, there are limitless opportunities waiting for you. You are eligible to join hospitality sector as a management trainee moving up the ladder as a director general in few years. The initial salary is approximately INR 15000  which goes up to lakhs per month, with experience.. You get to work with chains like Hilton, Hyatt, Radisson and you get an opportunity can take transfer easily from India to overseas. So, it’s not wrong to say your degree can become passport to the world.

For more details please visit our Hotel Management Campus Area are: Shimla Campus | Agra Campus.

Hotel Industry is beyond cooking or operator answering phone call on the second ring and surely has a lot of scope in the coming years, and with globalization it is here to stay, it has large employment opportunities. If you have the soft skills, and you’re ready to communicate with people from different countries, religions and backgrounds, and work really hard, a degree in hotel management is worth pursuing.

To change the thinking of this stereotypical world come and join IHM Agra and fill the Online Registration Form.

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