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“Who practices hospitality entertains God himself”

Dynamic and international, challenging yet rewarding, the hospitality and tourism industry holds a world of exciting opportunities wherever and whatever your goal, whether your dream is to own and manage a hotel or restaurant, or to lead a multinational corporation, career possibilities are endless in hospitality and tourism, the most global of all industries.

Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism, a premier institute in the field of hospitality education, has been able to grow itself and reach well to the young budding talents of the present generation in a very short span of time.

HIHT imparts Hospitality Education consistently for meeting professional standards, with an aim to develop human resources at global levels in the sphere of Hospitality and Tourism to strengthen the worldwide economy.

We being professional and vocational training institute, train, and groom, the motivated youth of India, seeking an exciting, challenging, and glamorous career in the Eco-Friendly hospitality industry of our country. This being a specialized and professional industry where the motto is “Specialize or Perish ” we lay special emphasis to provide a training environment to our students to be gainfully absorbed in Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Tourist Resorts, Industrial Canteens, and other allied outlets.

Excellent infrastructure is complemented by the very best education, taught by multi-talented faculty, in a professional atmosphere. There is our undivided attention given to detail prior to arrival, during studies, and after graduation which makes the HIHT experience absolutely second to none.

HIHT enables to provide good working career-oriented training. This is particularly important for those starting out in the industry because wasted effort costs valuable time in Career in Hospitality Management.

The Institute offers quality programs to help students achieve academic excellence. All courses are designed to prepare students for further studies and research. Courses are fully accredited and provide students with links to institutions of higher learning.

The Institute provides a network of all students and faculty so that they can receive academic support, personal counseling, and guardianship.

The Institute helps in providing careers to students at the global level. It is one of the best institutes imparting knowledge, practical training and providing career opportunities in India and abroad for managerial and professional level positions in the hospitality industry

The practical experience element is another factor that directly impacts career options. The hospitality industry is highly competitive, performance and market-driven. High-quality qualifications and good practical experience are guaranteed paths to success in this very demanding industry, and these two factors, the main spices of HIHT, are the only way to get the best jobs.

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While focusing on practical and commercial aspects, we also prepare our students to be responsible leaders who can exert a positive influence on the future development of the industry. We help them to make informed and ethical decisions by showing them the impact of their decisions not only across an enterprise also on the global economy and the environment.

Our mission is to apply education, as a lifelong learning process and means of economic, social, and cultural emancipation. We shall strive for empowerment through education so that self-actualization is not a mere dream and at the same time we ensure that no section of the society remains untouched from the forces of positive change. The investment you personally make will be the investment in your professional future and will bring you a variety of opportunities in the most exciting industry.

The Heritage Institute is the right option where you can fulfill your dreams by getting a good education. Please fill the Online Registration Form:

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Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism
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