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Heritage Institute Of Hotel & Tourism is coming up with a talk show with the alumnus. College life is the best time in everyone’s life and the memories remain as fresh as of today even. The smile which comes on the face of a person remembering college life is worth million dollars. College life is the blend of adolescent as well as the responsibility to secure future.

Researchers suggest adolescence undergo three primary developmental stages of adolescence and young adulthood –early adolescence, middle adolescence, and late adolescence/young adulthood. Adolescents in the late adolescence/young adulthood phase typically experience fewer physical developments and more cognitive developments. Adolescents gain the ability to think about ideas rationally, delay gratification, plan for the future, and gain a firm sense of identity. During this last phase of adolescent development, young people also experience increased emotional stability and independence.

HIHT takes this opportunity to talk about the important phase of the life of alumnus in their live talk show. Here we will connect to the passed out students who have set the benchmark and had made HIHT proud by attaing the successful place in their career by the able guidance and the knowledge what HIHT had inculcated during their college tenure.

Please join us to see how HIHT creates landmark and how the students are doing in their life and know the secret behind their successful life.

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