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The hotel industry is one such industry that thrives against all odds. The basic need for mankind to survive is the heart beat of this industry. The hospitality sector, travel & tourism and hotel industry has witnessed a fast growth in recent years .To meet this demand many hotel management colleges have mushroomed all over the city.

In all the confusion of the right choice or right place to be in only an astute observer will recognize the caution among the commotion and find that the HERITAGE INSTITUTE OF HOTEL AND TOURISM – IHM AGRA is the only destination that is the end for all searches.

Truly HIHT is one such college that is a class apart. Situated in the heart of the garden and place city, Agra. HIHT is a premier institute in hotel management offering a host of professional Degree and Diploma courses that help one build a successful career in the global hospitality industry, which will help them to secure a good job And those students who wants to go for further studies will not face any difficulties as we have all the requisite norms for Higher Studies in India & Abroad.

HOSPITALITY is the necessity for all industries

Today every industry in the service sector is searching for such people who know how to identify the need of its customer and how to create a balance between satisfaction and service. We can see the clear cut demand of such professionals in industries like Hotel Industry, Tours and Travels , Retail Sector, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Insurance, Mutual Funds, BPOs, Food chains, Aviation, Export-Import, FMCG, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Construction etc. Visit: Career in Hotel Management.

Future of Hospitality Industry in India

The hotel industry in India is going through an interesting phase. One of the major reasons for the increase in demand for hotel rooms in the country is the boom in the overall economical expansion in sectors like travel and tourism. In the near future a robust growth will be seen in the Hospitality sector.

Hence a Career in hospitality is booming in every part of the world and Hotel Education is the foundation for a worthwhile and rewarding career.

Courses in Hotel Management

When we talk about Courses in Hotel Management and what are the opportunities available after a Hotel Management courses, one is flooded with information on various types of courses which the top institutes offer and courses which are preferred by the recruiters.

If you think you are facing the same questions, then take a look at the top courses after 12th, graduation and post-graduation in Hotel Management. Let’s get started with the best courses in Hotel Management after 12th class:

Top Hotel Management courses (UG) :

  1. Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
  2. Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT)
  3. BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration
  4. BA in Hotel Management
  5. BBA in Hospitality, travel & tourism

Top Hotel Management courses (PG) :

  1. Master of Hotel Management (MHM)
  2. Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM)
  3. MBA in Hotel Management
  4. MBA in Hospitality Management
  5. MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management
  6. MBA Hospitality

Apart from degree courses aspirants can also pursue certificate and diploma programmes in Hotel/ Hospitality Management. These include Diploma in Hotel Management, Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Diploma in Hospitality Management, Diploma in Housekeeping, Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management, Certificate course in Maritime Catering, Certificate course in Hotel and Hospitality Management.

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