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If you intend to climb the career ladder in hotel management, you first need to establish a hospitality management meaning.  Or to put it another way, a broad definition of what hotel management is and why it exists. Hotel Management refers to the study of management concepts and structured leadership in the areas of accommodation, dining and general guest services  from the largest hotels to the smallest cafeterias.

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Travel and tourism sector is one of the largest , most lucrative and fastest growing sector today. The primary goal of hospitality sector is  to ensure each and every guest enjoys the same flawless experience from start to finish.

There are many inspiring success stories in hospitality management as the begin right at the bottom of ladder. At the starting of your career you are at doing service at the table and next you are incharge of your own dinning place. For this growth a relevant educational background and commitment to continuous professional development are mandatory.  If you expect to climb the career ladder to the highest possible positions, you need to demonstrate your ambition and enthusiasm.  Precisely where an accredited hospitality management course could help and you can opt for that at Heritage Institute Of Hotel & Tourism.

One of the significant outcomes of globalization is the tremendous growth in the tourism and hospitality industry. With India being one of the most popular travel destinations, the government too is encouraging and investing in the development of these industries.

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The hotel industry is a crucial part of the hospitality industry with a huge growth potential in the near future.The demand for hotel management professionals is already huge and is expected to grow more with the increasing number of hotels being set up in India and all over the world. Apart from its glamour, a Career in Hotel Management has become lucrative and exciting, attracting more and more students to opt for it.

Each hospitality management course syllabus varies, in accordance with which area of the industry it focuses on and the educational institution behind it.  Nevertheless, there are certain key concepts at the heart of successful hospitality management you can expect to examine.

Examples of which include the following:

  • The importance of customer satisfaction
  • Hospitality marketing and sales
  • Service quality management
  • PR and reputation management
  • Staff recruitment and training
  • General HR management
  • Food and beverage operations
  • Housekeeping and maintenance
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Accountancy and financial management

In today’s scenario hotel management is not just good  as a career option but also teaches living etiquette.The growing middle-class population now being able to afford a premier hospitality experience has fueled the demand for professionals within the hospitality industry. Each year, the hotel and catering industry employs millions of graduates from Hotel Management College Shimla.

Career in hotel management doesn’t mean that your role will be limited to hotels, restaurants, and resorts. Contrary to popular belief, hotel management graduates have access to excellent job opportunities in different areas across the hospitality sector.

To wrap things up, the hospitality industry has several departments that work in sync to form a successful conglomerate. A hospitality and hotel management graduate may obtain lucrative offers in any on these areas:

  • Front Desk
  • Operations
  • Food and Beverages
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Basic Engineering and Maintenance

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Apart from jobs in Hotels and restaurants, hotel management diploma holders /graduates can find good jobs in:

  • Airline Catering (flight kitchen) and Cabin Services
  • Club management
  • Cruise Ship Hotel Management
  • Hospital administration and catering
  • Hotel and Tourism Associations (for eg: state tourism development corporations)
  • Hospitality services in the Indian Navy
  • Hospitality services in various MNCs
  • Forest Lodges
  • Guest Houses, resorts
  • Kitchen Management (in hotels or running canteens in college, schools, in factories, company guest houses etc.)
  • Catering departments of railways, banks, armed forces, shipping companies etc.
  • Hotel and catering institutes (as a management trainee/ marketing or sales executive)
  • Self employment (as an entrepreneur)

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To choose a right path you need better guidance and to be successful at the end of that choosen path you need quality education : the combination is rare and you can find this combination at Heritage Institute Of Hotel & Tourism. Just give your hand to us we will help you to climb the ladder of success !

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