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Myths about Hospitality Sector

Management is one of the significantly rising careers in today’s time; however, it is down the luck that a significant wing of the same industry, ‘hotel management’ goes still underrated by many due to certain false perceptions entailed with it. There are careers beyond MBA, Medicine and Engineering, Management, etc. that have equally great scope. There are more than 150 rewarding careers many of us are not even aware of, …

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career in hotel management

Careers in Hotel Management: A Challenging and Rewarding Future

If you feel like talking to a new person then Institute of Hotel Management is a great option, today Hotel Management has become a great career option in front of us. In fact the hotel industry has played an important role in helping tourist around the world to see and understand the world. Successfully running a large hotel or hotel business is called Hotel Management.   Today, hotel management is not …

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Hospitality – A Philosophy not Just Profession

The hospitality industry is becoming more and more competitive with each passing day. Therefore, it has become even more important to become a good hotelier.A good hotelier must possess multiple qualities. Yes, it’s a competitive world out there.Many people believe that being a hotelier is not only a job but a mentality. Many say that it’s not a profession but a philosophy. Lets know more about this philosophy at Heritage …

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