Hospitality Sector

5 Reasons to join Hotel Industry

Hospitality is the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. It is related to the business of housing or entertaining visitors. If you wish to continue your future in hospitality sector join the best institute in UP -HERITAGE INSTITUTE OF HOTEL AND TOURISM – IHM AGRA. With so many different career avenues available, it can be a particularly challenging task to try and figure out which …

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Myths about Hospitality Sector

Management is one of the significantly rising careers in today’s time; however, it is down the luck that a significant wing of the same industry, ‘hotel management’ goes still underrated by many due to certain false perceptions entailed with it. There are careers beyond MBA, Medicine and Engineering, Management, etc. that have equally great scope. There are more than 150 rewarding careers many of us are not even aware of, …

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