Additional Emphasis

Regional and International Cuisines


“Dining is more than just eating; it is the full experience of taste, aroma and presentation.” This program features small size classes that focus on classical, regional & international cuisines. It also develops an understanding of the local products, traditional & ethnic recipes and indigenous kitchen tools for various regional cuisines. The program will include cuisines from national and international regions like China, Thailand, Mexico, Greece, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Egypt, Iran etc.

Student Mentoring Classes


A good advisor assists students in learning about their discipline, technique needed to conduct research, or practice their profession HIHT provides special programs, which helps a student to develop this relationship with her /his mentor on various levels. Teachers here act as a true guide. With this facility, a student will be well prepared to enter his / her profession. Not only with the requisite disciplinary knowledge and skills, but also with an understanding of the pathway to success & self-reliance to embark upon with confidence.

Wine, Spirits and Beverage Management


Students are trained in wine, spirits and beverages. It focuses on beverage management operations for coffee, tea and other non alcoholic beverages like wine, beer and spirits as well as service operations and management.

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